Mark and Vicki Salcedo

We are a husband and wife team, working closely together to bring you the best possible outcome for your visually based media needs. By using a synthesis of mature technological and artistic understanding, we work together to serve you in an efficient and professional way. We have the eye, the brains, and the savvy to be your all-around work team. We also have access to several artists, designers, and technologists to aide us in the occasion that your requirements or timeline dictate further assistance. We are happy to be of service at no minimum charge. Email us at or call us at the shop 678-393-0695.


Vicki Salcedo –  Artistic Director

Vicki Salcedo

Vicki Salcedo spent most of her formative years influenced by the creative fashion merchandising geniuses of the world’s finest upscale department store, Neiman Marcus, in Dallas, Texas. Her Dad worked at the store as the Men’s Division Visual Department Head, and has since retired, after 45 years of service. Vicki would play, as a child, in the display department with fabrics, foam core, ink and made signs for fun while her Dad worked nights and weekends. At school, Vicki focused on theater set development and art, and consequently knew exactly what she wanted to do after graduation. She began a career in visual merchandising, like her Dad, and acquired jobs with several prominent boutiques, department stores, apparel marts, and worked in special events and fund raisers in the Dallas area. After several years of freelancing, Vicki was excited to be hired to work in the Visual Department for Neiman Marcus .

At NM, great opportunities presented themselves in the way of product premiers for a great number of famous designers in the fashion world, and for special seasonal promotions or events. It was an exciting time, and Vicki enjoyed incorporating her sense of style, design, and the theatrical while blending other artistic elements. Sets and scenery, signs and fashion were always mixed together for display for visual merchandising. She requested to work in the sign shop to expand her expertise. While there, she learned the finer points of illustration and graphic development as used in marketing. 

During this same time, Vicki spent a short time in studies with Dmitri Vail, a famous local portrait painter. Celebrities and Hollywood stars who passed through the Dallas area for various shows would often be invited to do sittings for him. The time Vicki spent with Dmitri Vail helped her form a special interest in oil painting, and brought out her natural ability to capture the likeness and depth of personality in her subject mater. Dmitri Vail said this of Vicki: “She’s not just good – she is damn good!” Vicki considers herself to be very fortunate to have been taught by some of the masters of quick and effective visual communication, whether it be in 2D or 3D, or in any other form of presentation.

Since the Neiman Marcus years, Vicki has taken every opportunity to create and work on fantastic scenery and the design of sets for various production companies throughout the Southeast. Most notably, she volunteered her time and efforts for eight years to the Rotaru International Ballet in Atlanta, GA, helping with the design of scenery and props, along with costume development and restoration. While there, Vicki also worked backstage, planned and implemented fund raisers, as well as provided services for publication and media.

Over the last 30 years, Vicki has dedicated herself to various artistic endeavors.  Most of her work has been freelance, and more recently, working as a graphic artist creating advertisements, publications, playbills, illustrations, logos and event decorating when the opportunity presents itself. She has only recently returned her hand to serious oil painting. Currently, she works independently in web design and media publication layout, and much of her time is spent working with clients for their graphic art needs. She is  presently accepting new business through the Art 4U Studio website., and is happy to be your pocket artist, creating and customizing work for all of your artistic needs.

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Mark Salcedo – Technology Director

Mark Salcedo

Mark Salcedo, husband to Vicki Salcedo, is an experienced software developer and manager. With 30+ years in the business, he has led multiple teams in the successful implementation of a wide variety of technical projects. His experience is vast, with hundreds of languages and technologies under his belt, including HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASPX, C#.Net, VB.Net, PHP, MS Sql Server, and MySql, to name but a few. Also a professional musician and artist, Mark can frequently be found at the piano working on a new piece for an upcoming performance. He also enjoys teaching music, and is currently a part-time student at the University of Georgia in Athens pursuing a degree in Music Education.

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Kelly Cunningham – Web Designer

Kelly Cunningham

We frequently collaborate with Kelly Cunningham of Adaptive Integrated Technology, Inc. (AIT), a small Texas based company that specializes in web development and SEO strategies for a client base of mostly small to medium sized businesses.

Kelly Cunningham has worked in internet technologies for over 15 years and computer graphics for over 20. The internet presents a perfect environment to merge his technical and visual talents. He is very comfortable working in the Content Management System environment and, in fact, has developed the company’s own proprietary CMS which runs several of AIT’s client’s sites.

In the last two years, AIT has moved to more powerful CMS platforms, including ExpressionEngine and custom WordPress-based solutions. Both platforms allow Mr. Cunningham to leverage his 8 years of PHP programming and MySQL experience to build proprietary functionality for clients. His middleware and database skills were honed by years of back-office application development, including online transcriptionist applications, financial product administration, and sermon administration for the UCG and COGWA organizations.

Mr. Cunningham works well with other developers and designers, and can dovetail his experience and abilities with theirs, making him a strong team participant. Often, Kelly becomes the go-to man for other development teams to create solutions for which there are no out-of-the-box offerings. His skills of visual design and technical graphic execution, gives him the ability to take visual concepts to reality. This is buoyed by years of photography and digital photo processing experience.

Partial Skillset:  HTML/HTML5 and CSS1/2/3 – standards compliant markup (15+ years)  Responsive Web design using HTML5/CSS3 – Twitter Bootstrap framework  PHP Middleware Development (8+ years)  Database – MSSQL and MySQL design and development (8+ years)  JavaScript/JQuery Client side scripting (10+ years)  ExpressionEngine (2+ years)  Adobe Photoshop (18+ years)  Vector Art – CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator (20+ years)  Adobe Lightroom (4+ years)  SEO/SEM integration and promotion  Degree in video production

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